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Reasons why travelers flock to Hvar Croatia

April 29th, 2020, Posted by travelwith2ofus


Where is Hvar located? Hvar, Croatia has so much to offer. It is located off the Dalmatian coast in the Adriatic Sea and can be described as an ancient city with a colorful history.

Beautiful architecture, nature, mild climate, and vibrant nightlife are some of the main reasons travelers flock to Hvar.

Most noticeable are the beautiful hillsides, which are covered in pine forests, its vineyards, olive groves, fruit orchards and lavender fields. There are also many beautiful beaches including Mlaska, near Sucuraj on the north side, and Cesminica on the south side of the island.

There are so many beautiful places you can visit in Croatia including Korcula and its breathtaking villages. Who knows, maybe after you've visited Hvar you can check out Korcula as well?

Panoramic view of Hvar, Croatia
Marina in Hvar, Croatia
Aerial view of Hvar, Croatia

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Hvar bay, Croatia
Yacht, Hvar, CroatiaAerial view of Hvar, Croatia

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Hvar Tours

If you're visiting Hvar a quick stopover in some of the neighbouring attractions may be a great choice. There are also a lot of interesting tours to and from Hvar.

Private custom Blue & Green Cave tour with yacht from Hvar town

Private custom Blue & Green Cave tour with yacht from Hvar town

Escape the tourist crowds on a private boat tour off the coast of Hvar and visit attractions including the Blue Cave, Green Cave, and Budikovac Island.

Sample local specialties, visit a traditional fishing town, and relax in secluded spots ideal for swimming ...

Blue cave and Hvar Town - 5 islands tour

Blue cave and Hvar Town - 5 islands tour

With this tour, you’ll visit five islands in one day, including visits to places like Bisevo’s Blue Cave and Hvar Town as well as gems such as Stiniva Cove on Vis Island.

Numbers are limited to 12 for a crowd-free experience, and snorkel gear and on-board Wi-Fi are ...

Mesmerizing Hvar South Shore wine tasting with RIB speed boat

Mesmerizing Hvar South Shore wine tasting with RIB speed boat

On this tour you visit the Green Lagoon near the town of Milna, where you can feed the fish and take swim and snorkel. Next stops is Zaraće.


You then stop at Dubovica bay with beautiful beach and beach bar. You can even swim and snorkel in ...

Places to see in Hvar

Historical heritage sites
There are many amazing monuments and buildings worth seeing in Hvar. St. Stephen's square or Piazza is one such attraction. It is the central square in the city of Hvar and is also the largest square in Dalmatia.

Other historical heritage sites include St. Stephen's Cathedral, Hanibal Lucić's Summer Residence, City Lodge, Benedictine Nunnery and Church of St. Anthony the Abbot, Franciscan Monastery and St. Mary of Grace Church and the Arsenal & The Historic Theatre.

If you're looking for panoramic views of Hvar, the islands and the sea, then you should definitely check out the Spanish Fortress a.k.a Fortica Fortress or Španjola.

The Cathedral of St Stephen, Hvar Croatia.
Cathedral of St Stephen, Hvar, Croatia.jpg

Pakleni islands, wineries, Red Rocks and beaches
Hvar is known for its breathtaking hills, scattered vineyards, stonewalls and emerald beaches. Some of these attractions worth checking out include the Pakleni islands. It's a chain of 21 islands islets, reefs and narrow passages located just to the front of Hvar.

Visit Hvar wineries, especially if you're a lover of wine or you just want to see how it's made. Some of the wineries you could check out (name of winery, town) include Carić, Vrboska; Duboković, Jelsa; Huljić , Jelsa; Hvar Hills, Vrbanj; Pinjata, Vrboska; Plančić, Vrbanj; PZ Svirče, Vrbanj; Tomić, Jelsa; Vujnović, Sućuraj; Zlatan Otok, Sveta Nedjelja and Ahearne, Vrisnik.

The Red Rocks is an attraction located just under five miles east of Hvar. The rocks look like a gigantic organ streaming from the bottom of the sea. This phenomenon happened over time as layers of lime-stone replaced layers of breccia. The breccia layers were washed out by both the rain and sea thus creating the vertical hollows of a reddish colour.

Beach. If you're visiting Havr you must check out some of its beautiful beaches. Among those are Dubovica, Velo Zaraće, Zavala, Mlaska, Pokonji dol, Milna, Pakomina, Smokvina, Vela Stiniva, Mekićevica and Lučišće (Sveta Nedjelja). There are several beaches on the Paklinski islands worth checking out as well.

Cameras And Accessories to capture the moment

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