Beach Sarong And Cover-ups

Chilax At The Beach With These Cute Sarong Wraps

January 25th, 2020, Posted by travelwith2ofus

Chilax (chill and relax) at your favorite beach and look stylish with these adorable swimsuit sarong beach wrap and cover ups.

These Back From Bali sarongs comes in fourteen different styles and is 67 inches long by 45 inches wide. They can be worn as a bathing suit cover-up, a sarong dress for evenings out on the town, relaxing by the pool, a wrap skirt, shawl or head scarf.

The sarong features a vibrantly hued peacock design with boho inspired fringed edges and is available in several color combinations including black pink, gaza blue, pink, pink blue and turquoise fiesta.

The sarong also comes with a natural coconut shell clip for easy tying, which can easily be done by just pulling the fabric edges through and cinch to fit.

The wraps are manufactured by Back From Bali. According to the company, all of the items are crafted, sewn and painted by hand in Bali, by local artists and women who own small home businesses.

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Sarong Cover Up



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