Recipes Of Caribbean Cocktails That Are So Easy To Make

April 16th, 2020, Posted by travelwith2ofus

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Have you ever had a Caribbean cocktail? Do you know that there are literally hundreds of refreshing Caribbean cocktails around?

If you have been to the Caribbean you may have had one or many of these concoctions. They come in all different sizes and colors, but do you know that a lot of these Caribbean cocktails are easy to make? Some of these recipes just require three to four ingredients, some ice, a blend, a shake or a stir.

Rum is one of the most widely used liquors in Caribbean cocktails, that's simply because it easily available in abundance in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is one of the largest producers of rum and each island's rum has its own unique flavor.

If you're looking for some easy Caribbean cocktail recipes using just a few ingredients then have a look at several of our favourites. You can also have a look at some of the food and drinks we discovered while traveling.

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Cuba Libre - Cuba

Cuba Libre is one of the easiet Caribbean cocktails to make. The one thing easier is pehaps pouring a rum and coke. Depending on how strong you want to make the drink, you can use two ounces of rum or four ounces. You can also use four ounces of coke or eight ounces for a lighter taste.

• Lime slice

• 2 or 4 ounces rum

• 4 or 8 ounces cola

How to make:
•Fill your glass with ice.
Preferably a highball or you can use a collins glass as well. If you don't have either, then don't worry just use what you have.


•Pour the rum into the glass.

• Add the lime slice.

•Fill the glass with your cola and stir your drink.

If you taste it and you find it is too strong or too weak you can add more cola or rum until you get the desired taste for you. Remember you're making this for you.

Cuba Libre cocktail

PiNa Colada - Puerto Rico

There is nothing like sipping on a frozen cocktail and enjoying the sunshine in the Caribbean. The next best thing of course is for you to make your own Pina Colada at home.

It is a pretty simple drink to make and all you need is basically three ingredients (this is my simple 3-ingredients version). Pineapple wedge and maraschino cherry are optional if you're making this at home.

• 2 ounces white rum

• 1 ounce coconut cream

• 5 ounces fresh pineapple juice

How to make:
•Add all three ingredients to your blender (I like to use my Ninja Professional) and mix until smooth.

•Pour into the glass and sit back, relax and enjoy.

Sometimes when it's really hot, I blend it a little less so it's not as smooth. That way you feel the crushed ice while you drink it. It's really refreshing, you should try that as well.

Pina Colada cocktail

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Planter's Punch - JAmaica

This is another simple, but refreshing Caribbean cocktail. Popularized in Jamaica, there are many different versions of this drink around the Caribbean. I am going to use my 4-ingredients version. I am not a professional bartender, but this is just the way I make and enjoy it.

• 2 ounces dark rum

• 1/4-ounce of grenadine

• 1 ounce lime juice

• 3 ounces orange or pineapple juice (enough to fill glass)

How to make:
•Place and shake rum, grenadine and lime juice in a cocktail shaker.


•Pour into a glass with ice using a cocktail strainer.

•Fill the glass with your orange or pineapple juice.

I love both the taste of orange and pineapple juice so I add both together to give it another flavor dimension.

Planters punch cocktail

Dark and Stormy - Bermuda

This drink originates from Bermuda, is pretty simple to make and it's just so damn good.

• 2 ounces dark Caribbean rum (preferably Goslings Black Seal Rum)

• 4 ounces ginger beer

• 1 lime wedge
• Ice

How to make:
•Fill your glass with ice.


•Add ginger beer and then add the dark rum.


• Garnish with the slice of lime. Again, this is optional.

Dark 'n Stormy-cocktail.jpg

Caribbean Breeze - The Caribbean

This is a popular Caribbean concoction. It is a great cocktail for those blistering Caribbean sunny days. It's one of my favorites when I want a drink that's light with just the right amount of fruitiness, alchol and coconut flavour. I am a big fan of coconut rum.

• 1 ounce Caribbean rum

• 1/2 ounce Coconut Rum

• 2 ounces Cranberry Juice
• 3 ounces Pineapple Juice

How to make:
•Fill your glass with ice.
Preferably a Collins glass or any other cocktail glass. Like I said before, if you don't have either of them, then don't worry just use what you have.


•Add Caribbean and coconut rum into the glass.

•Fill the glass with pineapple and cranberry juice to your liking.


I prefer the taste of pineapple so I use more pineapple juice than cranberry. Use more of what you prefer.

Enjoy and maybe have a couple more. Check here if you're looking for more Caribbean cocktail recipes.

Caribbean breeze cocktail

Have you ever made any one of these Caribbean cocktails? If you had, which is your favourite?


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