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Summer travels: Women are ecstatic over these 5 retro swimsuits

July 18th, 2017, Posted by travelwith2ofus

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Retro swimsuits are back and women love them. They come in all sizes, different cuts, colors and patterns. In addition to that, these retro swimsuits are known to be super comfy.

If you are uncomfortable showing your body in a bikini, the retro swimsuit is your solution especially for summer getaways.

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Advantages of retro swimsuit

It offers comfort - you do not need to worry about your mid-section as most of it remains hidden. Therefore, you’ll be confident while at the beach with your friends.


Most retro swimsuits are one-piece meaning any women at any size can wear it comfortably. It’s also a smart choice as it shows off your feminine figure without trying too much. 


Some women love the swim dress design - it’s only understandable as it covers all the problematic areas, from the bulging mid-section to the upper thighs. Besides, it brings back that sexy classic Hollywood style.


It provides more fabric catering to the waist, thighs and even arms. This goes a long way toward helping keep you comfortable, warm and relaxed.


5 most popular retro swimsuits

Cocoship 50s retro high waist floral bikini retro swimsuit

This two-piece retro swimsuit is not only elegant, but it's also comfortable. It's been designed in such a way that it comes up to the waist, covering most of the problem areas, but still making you look feminine and hot.


Fashionable yet modest is what can be used to describe this vintage swimwear. It has a stylish cut, padded cups and alterable thong. It is made of latex and polyester, allowing for flexibility and comfort.


The floral designs, which come in pink, blue and black is just chic and attractive. The good news is that all sizes are available and this retro swimsuit can be purchased on Amazon. It really does flatter all body types.


Cocoship 50s elegant retro one piece Monokinis swimsuit

This timeless piece is a retro classic like no other. Its solid colors will make you look hot and stand out. The one-piece retro swimsuit is suitable for ladies of all ages. Your waist is well covered, plus the halter neck is adjustable.

It highlights your curves while covering up where you don't want others to see. It is well padded, holding together the bust and bosom. You can walk comfortably around the beach or pool without any care in the world. The back is slightly open, giving you that lush feel.

The only con with this retro swimsuit is that if you are, say, taller or a bit bustier, you may want to purchase one size up for it to fit properly. You can purchase this vintage swimsuit on Amazon.


Cocoship retro red polka floral print bikini

Doesn't red just look good on everyone? When you add polka, it changes the game. A red leopard polka print high waist bikini is a game changer.

The combination of the two will make any ordinary girl look like a superstar. The high waist design is also a favourite of the ladies. The bra is padded, adding to a long list of reasons why this retro swimsuit is in high demand.

The design of the top is simply beautiful with a bow at the intersection. The bottom piece covers the bum and the polka is vibrant.

The reason that many women love this retro swimsuit is because of the polka print, which fits perfectly and doesn't show much skin. Most importantly, it's inexpensive.

The swimsuit is available online on Amazon and in most shops. The materials used are spandex and polyester, which are suitable for bathing suits.


Cocoship 50s retro floral print white polka one-piece swimsuit 

This one-piece hot bombshell is timeless apparel for all body types. Back in the 50s, women loved polka prints and now it looks like they are making a comeback.

First off, the color is vibrant, making you stand out of the crowd. It's the perfect fit for all sizes. The material, which is mostly nylon and spandex is suitable for women swimwear.


The halter neck is flattering in more ways than one. Its cups are padded, holding the bust firmly. The rest of the swimwear is cushioned, giving a tight fit. You'll be able to swim without any fear of coming across as indecent.


Celebrities like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have been spotted wearing one-piece swim wear, meaning that the pieces are trendy. This retro swimsuit is available almost everywhere, online on Amazon or at brick and mortar shops.


Cocoship vintage sailor pin up swimsuit one piece cover up

Long gone are the days when one-piece swimwear and cover ups were meant for plus size women. People are now embracing the retro swimsuit, owing to fashion designers and celebrities who have made it fashionable.

The sailor-inspired swimwear is beautifully designed with an adjustable strap. The flattering v-neckline is just perfect. It's a great new look for people who are tired of the two-piece bath suit. It reveals very little skin, covering the waist area. This cover-up one-piece is somehow a new look. Therefore, you'll stand out from the rest.

It offers more comfort than the regular one-piece. The part around the waistline is tailored with toners, meaning moving around will not be a problem. It also offers a trimming effect.

The other advantage is that the halter is well padded, offering great support to the bust and even giving it a fuller looking appearance. This feminine-looking retro swimsuit helps create hourglass curves with a classic appeal. You do not have to worry about embarrassing moments when taking part in any water sport activity. As with the other popular retro swimsuits you can purchase this on Amazon.


Do you have a retro swimsuit? Do you like any of the featured retro swisuits?

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