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What Is A Priority Pass? Why Every Traveler Should Have One

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What is a Priority Pass? Have you ever heard about it?
While traveling, you might have seen those discreet doors along the airport concourse with posh labels almost luring you in. Airport lounges offer a plethora of comforts, most of which, a lot of us would find inviting after a long trip.

The Airport setting, is a chaotic mess with people scuttling in all directions. Anyone who has had to maneuver through an airport will tell you that this is the one thing they could do without. With VIP lounge access, travelers are allowed some time to take it easy and just get themselves together in peace and calm.

For people who are constantly traveling, lounge membership is more of a necessity than a luxury really. The busiest of travelers have to juggle between flights and work, which is dizzying enough as it is.

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Priority Pass makes traveling a bit easier

Priority Pass members get access to furnished lounges across the globe which they can enjoy upon landing. The lounges offer an oasis of comforts aimed at giving you the best time at the airport.

The wealth of facilities and excellent services rank them as some of the best suited places to freshen up and enjoy some down time before or after a flight. Looking for a reason to check Priority Pass out? Well, there are many:

Right: Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle (Terminal 1 ). Left: No 1 Lounge, Gatwick London (North Terminal) Photo Credit: Priority Pass.
Asiana Lounge, Seoul, South Korea

Enjoy drinks and refreshment before you jet off

When you use your Priority Pass card and visit one of the listed lounges, you can be sure to get something to nibble on. There is a supply of pre-flight bites that include salads, light meals and snacks. You can enjoy the generous supply of nuts or enjoy a salad while you wait for your flight.

Wherever you find yourself, you can rely on the right ambience to help you relax. Feel free to serve yourself a plate of edibles and fill a glass with your favorite liquor. Sit down and enjoy some relaxing music. In some states and cities, however, the law requires that you are served by a bartender. Either way, be sure to enjoy yourself.

Access complimentary Wi-Fi connection

One of the most annoying things about airports is the lousy Wi-Fi connection. If you need some work done fast and are in the airport, you might find it a challenge. All lounges in the Priority Pass program offer complimentary Wi-Fi connection. You need not worry about deadlines when you can connect and keep your workflow steady.

If you really need to get down to work, don't worry about it. The lounges have proper spaces with desks and power sources where you can plug in your computer and get some work done. If you happen not to have your computer close by, you can always use one from the lounge. With good internet speed and a calm space to work from, the only thing you have to ask for is the password.

You won't be frustrated with lousy airport wi-fi connections.

Wif-Fi acess

Relax, watch some Tv, Read the newspapers

The lounges included in the Priority Pass program are designed with comfort in mind. They are designed to provide comfort so you can relax in the chaotic environment of the airport.

The spacious seats are fit for a short siesta before you embark on your flight, especially if it's a long one. Enjoy some entertainment on the large screen TVs sprawled across the lounge and keep up with the latest news from around the globe.

As you sit back, you can also catch up on the latest and see what's on the dailies. Pick from the stack of newspapers and magazines available and enjoy some reading. There is a selection of newspapers including the local dailies as well as national and overseas newspapers.

Enjoy a worldwide network of Airport lounges

This is one of the first aspects about the Priority Pass lounge membership that matters to the client. While airline-affiliated lounges may be available in the prominent airports, you can opt for lounge access that has you covered across a wide range of destinations.

Priority Pass offers you access to an assortment of lounges, and you can always find a comfortable space in the airport-run lounges, airline lounges, and business or first-class lounges. You can access these lounges regardless of the type of ticket you are traveling on.

New airport locations are continuously being added with the hope to provide access to members wherever they choose to travel.

Club Mobay lounge at Montego Bay, Sangster International Airport, Jamaica. Photo Credit: Priority Pass.
Club Mobay lounge, Jamaica

Digital entry makes things easier for you

Priority Pass has a dedicated app which can be downloaded from the Playstore for free. The app allows you to keep tabs of your membership and everything to do with lounge access across the globe.

Members can check into lounges through digital entry, which saves you time and also earns you a warm reception when you land. Members should however, check specific lounges in different locations to ensure they offer the service.

What makes Priority Pass stand out?

When it comes to choosing which lounge to pay membership to, you have to consider a number of aspects. Comfort should be at the top of your list as well as quick service delivery.

Nothing is more irritating than having to deal with the same kind of hassle you are getting away from when you get to the lounge. Priority Pass has always ventured to provide the best services so that any client who steps in one of our membership lounge will leave with a smile of satisfaction.

Priority Pass membership plans and fees.
Priority Pass Plans

Membership for Priority Pass lounges across the world

As the largest independent airport lounge access service in the world, Priority Pass aims at becoming the go-to place if you are looking for a good place to take it easy as you wait for your flight. There are three types of membership which are available for clients working with any kind of budget;

Standard Membership

The membership goes for an annual fee of $99 with an additional $27 every time you visit one of our lounges.
Click Here To Get The Priority Pass Standard Membership

Standard Plus Membership

The membership will cost you $249 per year. It comes with 10 free visits. After this, the charge for each visit is $27.

Click Here To Get The Priority Pass Standard Plus Membership

Prestige Membership

The membership goes for an annual charge of $399 with unlimited visits.
Click Here To Get The Priority Pass Prestige Membership

There are also a select number of credit cards that also have Priority Pass Select membership. This membership gives you access to Priority Pass locations free of charge. Cardholders with the Platinum Card from American Express, Mercedes-Benz Platinum, and Citi Prestige cards can access the subscription too.

Looking for more reasons?
Here is a look at 5 of the top lounges

There are also a select number of credit cards that also have Priority Pass Select membership. This membership gives you access to Priority Pass locations free of charge. Cardholders with the Platinum Card from American Express, Mercedes-Benz Platinum, and Citi Prestige cards can access the subscription too.

Asiana Lounge at the Seoul Incheon International Airport

The lounge, situated in Concourse A, is glamorous in every sense of the word.

Find seasonal appetizers and a selection of premium drinks mixed by a professional mixologist. The edibles and drinks are catered for with decadent pastries and plenty of appetizers to nibble on.

The uniquely mixed cocktails will also make your time at the lounge much more enjoyable. If you want something regal to wash it down with, then there is champagne for you to enjoy as well.

Access showers and work stations to help you get into your work mode. The calm and sophisticated ambience of the lounge is also enhanced with soothing music and fast service delivery.

Plaza Premium lounge at the Heathrow Airport, London

The lounge, located in Terminal 2, has won accolades for its exceptional style and service. It has won a global award emerging as “Lounge of the Year.” It is also the winner for the best lounge in Europe.

From strategic positioning to surplus comforts, the lounge meets all the criteria. Terminal 2 where it is located, is also where all StarAlliance airlines depart from, with the exception of India.

The Plaza Premium is more than just an area to pass the time as you wait for your flight. The lounge provides gourmet cuisine and showers complete with comfortable branded duckies for your feet.

Lounge on the large recliners as you select from the wide range of premium liquor. All the premium comforts are available for members to enjoy and the environment is fit to bite on something as you network with the high flyers you will encounter there.

Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow, Terminal 2, is the Priority Pass Global Airport Lounge of the Year 2016.

The Petra Lounge, Amman, Jordan

This lounge fits the description of your typical upscale business space quite perfectly. You don't have to depend on mediocre plane food when you come to this exceptional lounge. The meals are served with local delicacies available for your enjoyment. You can also enjoy quality coffee from the coffee bar or some liquor if coffee isn't your style.

The staff is always on hand to guide you in, take your luggage and lead you to the lounging area. The setting has subtle embellishments that reek sophistication and comfortable sitting to boot. Access the showers at a small fee and unwind from a long trip.

The Petra lounge is arguably one of the best places to relax when you get to the Queen Alia International Airport. Priority Pass members can always check in even before they get there.

The Club at San Jose CA Mineta International

Yet another winner of the “Lounge of the Year” award, albeit in the United States, the lounge has the right setting to get you relaxed fast. Escape the commotion of the busy airport and enjoy the view, ambience and aesthetic lighting.

This minimalist furnished lounge has a lot of surprises on offer. You could say, it is the lounge that all Priority Pass lounges aspire to. The spacious lounge will make you forget that you are actually inside an airport.

When it comes to food and drink selections, you can't miss something that appeals to your palate. The list consists of gourmet meals prepared by a world renowned chef and complementary drinks are there to wash down your meal.

As is the tradition with Priority Access lounges, The Club offers excellent bathroom facilities and quality products as well. You don't have to worry about the kind of ticket you are carrying to get in even though this might get you stopped at the door in another lounge of its caliber.

View of the The Club at San Jose CA Mineta International Airport. Photo Credit: Priority Pass.
Plaza Premium Lounge, London Heathrow

The Virgin America Loft in Los Angeles

Priority Pass members flying from terminal three can access this posh locale whenever they are making a stop at Los Angeles. Members can bring a maximum of two family members along to enjoy the lounge. However, children are not allowed in, at any time.

The lounge offers quick internet access, a contemporary bar with all the complementary beverages you can drink and light snacks among other comforts. Members can also access other services which ensure you spend as much time as you can enjoying the comforts of the lounge as your baggage and check in are handled.

Travel tipsIf you are trying to decide whether to get a Priority Pass membership or not:
Check out the Conditions of use on their website first.

Even though you're going to enjoy relaxing at the Priority Pass airport lounges, you can still get these items to make your trip much more comfortable:

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