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Things to do in samos greece

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Samos is a beautiful island in Greece where philosopher Epicurus, Aristarchus the astronomer, and Pythagoras, the father of maths, were born.

Located in the North Aegean Sea, it lies close to Turkey, and its main port is at Vathi, which is also called Samos. Karlovassi and Pythagoreion are the other ports.

There are many things to do in Samos including, hiking, climbing, and mountain biking. Other activities include adventure and eco-tours. Places of interest include the Tunnel of Eupalinos and the Temple of Hera.

Samos Greece

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What can you tell me about Samos?

During ancient times, Samos Greece was a very wealthy and powerful state. It was mainly known for producing good quality wine due to its vast vineyards.

The island is also home to Pythagoreion, also the Heraion of Samos, which are among the UNESCO world heritage sites you can visit.

Samos is geographically located very close to Turkey but separated by the mile-wide Mycale Strait. However, this does not limit people from crossing over to enjoy the exotic beaches.

Samos is also well-known for producing sweet Muscat wine, so if you are a wine lover, this is one to try while on there.

The island distinguishes itself from others because of its beautiful beaches and very lush greenery around the island.

what do I do Samos Greece?

While at this ancient Island, there is a lot that you can do.

Explore the wine culture
If you wish to please your palate, then Samos Greece will satisfy this need. The island presents you with the best opportunity for exploring a variety of tastes that the famous Samos Muscat can offer.

Samos Greece organizes wine festivals for the first ten days in August in the capital city Vathy. The best part of the festival is that you buy one wine glass, and after that, you refill it as many times as you can handle.

Unwind on the beautiful beaches

The beaches on the island are very famous for their crystal waters in addition to the green environment surrounding them.

The beaches that have been considered the most beautiful are the Kokkari, Mykali, Tsamadou, and Lemonakia.

The beauty the beaches possess helps you to unwind and relax during your stay on the island.

Kokkari beach Samos Greece

There are several museums you should visit if you are a history buff. These include the Pythagorion Archaeological Museum, Samos Wine Museum, Archaeological Museums of Mitilini, and the Karlovasi Tannery Museum.

Nature and Parks and others
Potami Waterfalls is a great place to start. Other points of interest are The Alyki wetlands and the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani, which features the cave dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

cost of things in Samos?

While in Samos, it would be advisable to rent a car, because this will help you explore the large island very quickly. The average cost for a small city car is around 50 euros.

Small city cars are ideal on the island because they are comfortable and easy to drive. Additionally, you will not have to spend a lot on fuel as you explore the ancient island due to its fuel efficiency.

Hotels in Samos are spread across various spots on the island to ensure your stay is memorable. The average cost of a room per night would be between 50 to 115 euros, depending on your taste, which will ensure that you enjoy the magnificent sea, and nature the island has to offer.

A three-course meal, for two people, in a mid-range restaurant, would cost on average about 30 euros, while an imported beer will cost about four euros and a cup of regular Cappuccino about Euro 2.90.

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If you want to get a real Samos experience we recommend:
Full Day Island Tour Discover Samos

Full Day Island Tour Discover Samos

Visit to the monastery of Megali Panagia (15th cent.), – an example of “Byzantine Greece”– to take a guided tour.

You will make a stop to the truly traditional mountain village of Pyrgos (famous for its honey and ceramics) for a short walk.

Visit at a traditional wine ...

Samos Picnic Tour Relaxed Adventure

Samos Picnic Tour Relaxed Adventure

Samiopoula Boat Trip is ideal for our quests who are looking to cruise around leisurely.

This small island offers uniquely beautiful white sands and turquoise waters for sunbathing & relaxing.

When we reach Little Samos (Samiopoula) the beach ...

Patmos from Samos

Patmos from Samos

Take a break from Samos on a full-day tour of Patmos Island.  

Your private guide will pick you up from your hotel, before you hop a boat heading southeast.

On the island, you'll discover the secrets of St. John’s Monastery, the port of Skala, and more. 
The island also boasts ...

What is the one spot I must visit in Samos?

Visit the Pythagoreion. It is an archaeological site and a must-see in Samos. It is considered one of eight wonders of the ancient world.

Tyrant Polycrates, in 550 B.C., ordered Eupalinos, an engineer, to construct a 1,036m tunnel. Connecting the two sides of the mountain and providing water to the capital in Samos was its purpose.

The engineer Eupalinos was so good at his job that he began digging both sides of the tunnel simultaneously. The archaeological site has a lot of historical value to the island, making it a must-see.

What should I eat in Samos?

Since you are exploring the island, you should try some of the famous meals. The island is home to some of the finest ingredients used around the world.

In this regard, do not leave Greece without trying the Dolmades.
It is grape leaves filled with either a combination of mincemeat and herb rice or herb rice alone. It is boiled until tender.

Dolmades, Samos Greece

How do I move around Samos?

As the island is enormous, walking would take you some time if exploring the various sites. A convenient way of exploring the island is renting a car.

It is an inexpensive option, especially if you rent it for more than four days. Many companies offer this service, so it is not difficult to get a rental.

If you are not into driving, the other option would be getting a taxi. It is a necessity, especially if you're staying on the outskirts of Pythagorio. Getting a local bus is difficult on the outskirts. You can also rent a motorcycle, scooter, buggy, ATV, or bicycle.

Do they make their wine in Samos? Which should I try?

If you are a wine lover, then Samos Greece is the place for you. It is home to a variety of wineries.

The island is famous for its Samos Muscat wines made from grapes that have the same name.

There is a variation of sweet and dry wines produced. For an excellent sweet wine, you should try the Anthemis, as it is a hidden treasure aged for about five years in wooden casks.

The Golden Samena is a dry wine rich with the reminiscent of a ripe, fleshy pale fruit that is very flattering to the taste.

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