26 things to do and see in Brussels Belgium

February 14th, 2019 - Updated. Originally - November 18th, 2015, Posted by travelwith2ofus

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What are the top things to do and places to see in Brussels
? During my first trip to Brussels I found the place to be quite interesting and beautiful. While it was quite cold when I visited, I really enjoyed my stay.

This is my list of things to do in Brussels if you plan to visit. No! We did not list sitting down and drinking beer, we don't have to because that is a given.

So, whether you're looking for things to do in brussels in a day or things to do in brussels with kids or even unusual things to do in brussels, I think this list has something for everyone.

There are so many activities, places to see and things to do in Brussels, but if you want a really extensive list visit the official Brussels tourism website.

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1. The Grand Place
This is a UNESCO world heritage site that has been declared to be among the most beautiful squares in Europe. To date, it is the most visited tourist attraction in the city of Brussels. It has amazing seventeenth century architecture that has been perfectly preserved and blend well with the energized social scene. At night, the light shows illuminate the surroundings covering the buildings with a gorgeous hue. 

The Grand Place Brussels

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2. The Manneken Pis
This little boy has interestingly put Brussels on every tourist's map. The legend behind him varies widely depending on whom you ask.

A popular story says that this little boy saved the city of Brussels by peeing on a fire that enemy forces had lit. He is two foot-tall bronze statue that resembles a little boy who appears to be relieving himself.

He is however, often clothed in costumes that have been gifted to him by dignitaries who visit him from all over the world. You may find him dressed in a kilt, or as a surfer or bullfighter. He is located just a few blocks from the Grand Place and will be worthwhile to visit while in the area.

3. The Jeanneke Pis
Commonly known as Manneken Pis's sister, she can be found near the Rue des Bouchers. Sadly, she is mostly forgotten since most people only visit the little boy. Pride yourself as being someone who are actually aware about the existence of both peeing children.

4. Belgian Comic Strip Center
Belgium has by far more comic strip artists than any other country in the world. Many intentionally cherished cartoon characters such as the Smurfs and Tintin have been created by Belgians with Brussels as their home. You will enjoy exhibits that will take you step-by-step through the stages of the creation of the cosmic strip. You will also have the chance to watch the classic animated films as well as visit the amazing and extensive comic library.

5. Autoworld

Auto-world has an extensive beautiful collection of the historic cars. You will get good insight into the process of developing cars and get to see the wide collection of motorized tricycles dated from the nineteenth century. Autoworld is found in Cinquentenaire Park, which is among the biggest public parks in Brussels.

6. Enjoy the vast green outdoor spaces

Brussels takes pride in the beautiful green out-door spaces. Visit sites such as the Bois de la Cambre' which is located near Avenue Louise. It is a public park that has a small lake and a small island at the center.

7. Admire the beautiful façade of St. Michael’s and St. Gudule cathedral
The construction of this twin towered structures began in 1215 and continued for 300 years. For this reason, it has a great mix of different architectural styles. You will definitely enjoy viewing these unique ancient structures.

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8. Visit the Museum of musical instruments
If you have a love for music, then this would be the perfect destination for you. This facility has over one thousand five hundred instruments from all around the world and from different time periods. You can also enjoy the interactive exhibits and headset tours where you can listen to an instrument playing through headphones.

9. The Atomium
The glistering 355-foot tall model of an atom is made out of steel and chrome and was designed by Andre Waterkeyn. Erected in 1958, it symbolized the new atomic age. At the top, you will get to enjoy a breathtaking view of Brussels. If you buy an adult ticket, your children less than twelve years get to enjoy the experience for free. 

Cruise ship bar

10. The Mini-Europe
Enjoy the grand tour of Europe in just a few hours by visiting Mini-Europe. There, you will find three hundred small models of the famous European sites such as the Berlin wall, the leaning tower of Pisa and Big Ben.

11. Experience the Brussels Evening culinary tour!
Enjoy a taste of the authentic flavors in Brussels, where cuisine, history and culture collide. Spend your evening relaxing and savoring the artisan ham and cheese, Belgian endives, sprouts, beef stew, mussels, waffles, chocolate, fries, Speculoos and the local wine and beer.

12. Take part in the biggest Apero in Brussels
An Apero is a unique event where people come together to drink, dance and chat outside while enjoying the beautiful weather. It usually takes place during the summer with its venue being announced just a few days prior to the event. 

13. Enjoy the Oceade
At the Oceade, there are over a dozen outdoor and indoor water slides, an aqua fun-house and a wave pool. There are slide sized for everyone and all your family or friends on the vacation are sure to enjoy the aquatic park.


14. Visit the Brussels vintage market
On Sundays, you can visit the vintage market where you can get vintage clothes and accessories from young designers or particulars. While shopping, you may also get to have a brunch or drink at an atypical place.

15. The Place Poelaertplein
This place will offer you the best view of all the beautiful landmarks in Brussels. It is a public place and best of all you will enjoy your experience for free.  

16. Visit the underground city
Although it is somewhat discrete, the new Brussels city was built on top of the old one. If you walk through Bourse, you will actually see old parts of the old underground city.

17. Go karting with kids
City Kart Bruxelles is anothet fun aventure for the whole family. You can organize your own races with friends and family members.

18. Visit the Coudenberg underground castle
For many years, a beautiful castle overlook Brussels at the Coudenberg hill. The castle was eventually covered by sand and stones, but can still be accessed from the museum. Visit it to discover unknown places and secrets.

19. Visit the The African Museum
Located right in the middle of Tervuren park is the huge African museum, which will teach you a lot about African culture in a traditional way. Here, a wide range of topics are covered from the civilizations, animals, insects and much more. The entrance fee is also amazingly cheap.

20. Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Visit the museum of natural sciences, which is the home to a vast collection of nature and science. It also has the largest dinosaur gallery in Europe.

21. Visit Choco-Story - the Museum of Chocolate and Cocoa
Learn about the history of chocolate and experience the chocolate making process live. At this museum, you will also get to taste a wide variety of chocolate samples. Photo credit: Choco-Story Brussels

Choco-Story - the Museum of Chocolate and Cocoa

22. Go on a walking tour

There are many walking tours availabe, from the Calssic walk, An Uptown Very Up-Market walk, Jazz walk, Green walk, Walk Heysel, Mont des Arts walk and Family special walk, among others.

23. Enjoy a taste of Belgian Waffles
In Brussels, you will find the two styles of waffles (Brussels and Liege style.) Both are very delicious and available from street vendors across Brussels.

24. Visit the Cantillon Brewery
This brewery has been making the traditional Lambic beer since 1900. During your time there, you will get to learn about the brewing process. However, it is advisable to plan early so that you get an opportunity to attend the public brewing session and see up-close how it is done.

25. Have lunch in a treehouse
Visit the Le fou chantant, which is a restaurant that is built as a tree-house. It is great for meat lovers since they have a huge grill inside and you are sure to enjoy the best meat. It also has a cozy atmosphere where you can relax and unwind.

26. Take part in a Brussels beer-tasting tour
Yes, finally! Beer! Beer drinkers have revolted, and insist we talk about beer. So, while in Brussels, you can indulge in a beer tasting tour. Experience this through the authentic local taverns where you can drink the best beers in Belgium. No! not for free!

So there you have it. Our list of things to do in Brussels. Please note that no beer cans or bottles were hurt while making this list. They are safe in the recycling bin.


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Not 5 or 10, but 26 things to do and see in Brussels Belgium

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