Some Of The Best Things To Do And See In Ischia Italy

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Ischia was once a quiet island with only a handful of tourists visiting. However, it has since transformed into an international tourist destination buzzing with activities and fun.

Ischia now has numerous hotels, shops, restaurants, and magnificent historical and natural scenery that have positioned it as one of the go-to destinations for tourists from all over the world.

If you plan to visit Ischia and you're looking for fun things to do and noteworthy places to visit, then continue reading. Other Italian cities worth checking out include Tuscany, Florence, Procida, and Milan.

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How To Get To Ischia

The city of Naples, located about 30 kilometers away, is the most commonly used to access Ischia. Alternatively, you can reach Ischia through Pozzuoli, located some few kilometers up north.

Ischia can be reached from these two cities using either ferries or hydrofoils which, connect their respective ports.

Most people prefer Naples because of its advanced infrastructural facilities and easy transport by bus, train, taxis, or trams.

If you are not in a hurry, you can take the ferry from Naples, which will drop you at Ischia in about one and a half hours. The hydrofoil is much faster and will only take about one hour to reach the port of your choice in Ischia.

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Aerial view of Ischia isalnd.
Ischia Isalnd, Italy

About Ischia Towns

Ischia Porto
When you arrive on the island, Ischia Porto will probably be the first town you see. It is the biggest and busiest town on the island.

The city is usually alive 24 hours a day, flanked by bars, restaurants, and buzzing with activities. They are usually filled with dozens of tourists seeking to refresh themselves and enjoy the splendid view of the port.

Ischia Porto is even busier during the summer. Yacht owners, including renowned celebrities, find it the perfect place to go and pass the time during their vacation.

If you would like to buy some fashion items or taste some of the local drinks offered to passers-by for free, then you should visit the busy Corso Vittoria Colonna streets.

There are also some beautiful beaches bordering the port such as, San Pietro Beach, which is well-loved and frequented for its clear water and golden sand.

Naples/Ischia Tours

There are many exciting adventures you can do from Naples, Ischia and its surroundings. Check out some of these tours.

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Delicious Amalfi Coast: sailing cruise with the best Italian culinary tasting

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Naples to Ischia Private Boat Excursion

Naples to Ischia Private Boat Excursion

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ISCHIA -Snorkeling through submerged treasures

ISCHIA -Snorkeling through submerged treasures

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Lacco Ameno
The beauty of Lacco Ameno is hard to miss. It might be the smallest of all the towns in Ischia, but if you are looking for spectacular scenery and azure clear waters, Lacco Ameno is where you go.

While you are here, you don't want to miss touring the II Fungo rock or the Negombo Thermal Gardens. If you would rather have a dive in cool blue waters or lie in the soft white sand and watch the cloudless skies, head over to the San Montano Beach.

Ischia Ponte
One thing that makes Ischia Ponte most visited and loved is the fact that it houses the iconic Castello Aragonese castle. Your visit to Ischia will not be completed if you don't at least go and have a glimpse of this medieval castle.

The castle has an intriguing history that will easily make you fall in love with the past. The locals will tell you that it was built 2, 500 years ago by Hiero I who hailed from the Sicilian area of Syracuse.

Apart from the historic castle, Ischia Ponte is also home to Torture Museum which also has a rich, but gruesome history. You can learn about how cruel methods were used by the early inhabitants to get prisoners to confess their crimes.

The iconic Aragonese castle in Ischia Ponte.
Aragonese castle, Ischia Ponte

Sant’ Angelo
Sant' Angelo is considered more of a village than a town. However, that does not take away the fact that it is one of the places in Ischia endowed with bountiful magnificence and beauty.

Ever heard of the famous Le Fumarole Beach? It is in Sant' Angelo and can easily be accessed using a small path from the heart of this village. While going to the beach, you will be treated to a panoramic view of the Capri Island in the distance or perhaps the closer Maronti Beach.

The fact that most tourists easily prefer Forio as opposed to the other towns is indisputable. This is the city where fun and all kinds of recreational activities are found.

If all you are looking for is a magnificent beach or a quick tour of the bays, Forio won't disappoint. Most of the beaches and bays are found here. The flourishing town center and harbor together with the splendid Poseidon Thermal Gardens will easily put Forio first on your priority list.

Casamicciola Terme
Casamicciola Terme is a vibrant town known for its thermal spas. The town is well placed on the northern coast of Ischia between Ischia Porto and Lacco Ameno. It is here that you find minor villages such as Piazza Maio, Perrone, La Rita and Castiglione.

The thermal spas are the element which makes Casamicciola Terme stand out from the other towns. The famous ones are Vagnitiello Thermal Park and Castiglione Thermal Park.

You will also come across a number of shops, cafes, and restaurants that would be perfect if you need to relax and sample some of the traditional local cuisine.

The marina of Casamicciola Terme, Ischia.
Casamicciola Terme marina

Cameras And Accessories to capture the moment
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What To See And Do In Ischia

While you are in Ischia, it is hard not to enjoy the picturesque scenery as well as find some fun activities to do.

Hit the Ischia beaches
If there is one thing that Ischia has in abundance, it is the beaches. If all you want is to enjoy the water or maybe scoop a handful of sand and watch it escape between your fingers, then you have more than enough options.

Here are some of the best Ischia beaches to visit in each town.

Beaches in Ischia Porto
• San Pietro Beach
• Pagoda Beach
• Lido Beach
• Inglesi Beach

Beaches in Ischia Ponte
• Fisherman’s Beach
• La Mandra Beach
• Cartaromana Beach

Beaches in Casamicciola
• Marina Beach

Beaches in Lacco Ameno
• San Montano Beach
• Il Fungo Beach
• Litoranea beach

Beaches in Sant’ Angelo
• Chiaia Di Rose Beach
• Le Fumarole Beach
• Cava Grado Beach

Visit La Mortella Gardens

You don't want to leave Ischia before touring the ancient home of renowned English composer Sir William Walton. Susana Walton, the then wife of the William Walton, dedicated her life and passion to nurturing La Mortella Gardens into what it is today- a place to seek tranquility and peace of mind.

One of the statues that can be found in the La Mortella Gardens.
La Mortella Gardens, Ischia

Visit Ravino Gardens

This garden is the perfect example of a botanical paradise. Ravino is strategically positioned in a place of sun and warmth just across the Citara bay.

It is said to have been created and nurtured by a sailor named Giuseppe D'Ambra who dedicated 40 years of his life to give the garden its vibrancy and beauty as we see today. The Ravino garden is located in Forio and can be easily accessed by bus.

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Visit a thermal spa

Ischia has a volcanic origin and thus the good number of thermal spas and hot springs. These spas are said to have some health benefits, making them some of the most visited places in Ischia.

The island has several natural hot springs such as the Sorgeto. Most hotels in Ischia also have their own thermal spas. Hotels that have spas usually have the term "Terme" in their names.

Some noteworthy natural springs in Ischia include:
• Sorgeto Hot Springs
• Nitrodi Natural Springs
• Cavascura Natural Springs

These hotels have the most frequented wellness centers and Spas:
Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa
Aragona Palace Hotel and Spa
Hotel San Giorgio Terme
Terme Di Ischia
Hotel Paradiso Terme

Other great places to visit in Ischia include

• Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae
• Villa Arbusto Museum
• Chiesa Santa Maria delle Grazie (Church)
Aragonese Castle

Some fun activities you definitely want to be part of include

• Trekking on Mount Epomeo
• Taking part in some cooking lessons where locals teach you how to prepare Ischian cuisine.
• Going for a wine tour to taste some of the finest wine brands in Ischia
• Take part in horse riding and explore the beauty of Ischia
• Rent a boat and explore the water

Food tasting and sightseeing of Ischia island from Naples


What To Eat In Ischia

• Caponata
Coniglio all'Ischitana (Ischia Rabbit stew)
• Pastiera
• Pesce All'acqua Pazza
• Figliata,
• Escarole Pizza
• The Zingara sandwich
• Fish
• Pasta

• Freselle

Freselle looks like bagel halves and are dipped in salt water and topped with a variety of ingredients including olive oil, anchovies, tomatoes, vinegar and capers. It's a variant of a popular lunch dish called caponata.
Freselle. Ischia food

Where to Stay In Ischia

If you're visiting Ischia there are a lot of options for hotel accommodation. If you're looking for an Ischia hotel, here are a few choices. However, if you want a more expansive list check out Ischia hotels here.

Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa Ischia
This is an attractive 5-star hotel that is as glamorous on the outside as it is on the inside. The hotel and Spa have some of the most opulent rooms with gold and cream furnishings.

The pools and the spa are located both on the inside and outside the hotel. They also have a gymnasium, library, hot spring bath and a private beach. If you are in for a bite or a drink, this hotel has it all.

Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa
Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa - bedroon
Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa - Courtyard

Mezzatorre Resort and Spa Ischia
This is another five-star hotel with gorgeous rooms, amazing antiques, and canopied beds. The floors are sparkling with nautical furnishings, and you will invariably be greeted with a serene smell that depicts peace and utter luxury.

There is a tennis court if you would love to break some sweat and you can also easily access the beach.

The swimming pool is located both indoors and outdoors. There is a spa, gym, and a hot tub. The hotel has a romantic touch to it and is perfect for couples seeking to cement their bond.

   Mezzatorre Resort and Spa
   Mezzatorre Resort and Spa
   Mezzatorre Resort and Spa

Botania Relais & Spa
If you are a couple looking for some romantic scenery, this is the hotel you should book. The adults-only hotel rooms have exciting decorations motivated by the beauty of nature to give them a touch of tranquility and peace.

The hotel has very classic furniture, great balconies and amazing gardens, spa and swimming pool.

Botania Relais & Spa
Botania Relais & Spa
Botania Relais & Spa

How To Move Around Ischia

On foot
If you are not going far, why not stretch your legs? Most people prefer to commute from one place to another on foot, especially since it gives them the opportunity to take in the remarkable scenery as they pass by.

You will also be able to meet and socialize with locals and other tourists on your way.

Ride a bicycle
Riding is another good way to move around. However, you should try to avoid using them when tourism is at its peak, and there are too many visitors. You can use bicycles for local movement or leisurely rides.

Use a car
If you have a car, you can always use it to move around. If you don't have one, you can easily rent one for the period of your stay.

While using your car, you should look out for areas you are prohibited to park, especially in the major urban centers. You might be fined for parking in the wrong place. Some areas may also require you to pay a small fee or produce a pre-paid ticket before parking.


Using a taxi
If you don't have a car and don't want to rent one, you can always use a taxi. In fact, it is much more cost-effective as compared to when you have your own car. Taxi fare is usually tabulated using meters where you pay according to how far or how long you have been traveling.

Using a public bus service
Another popular way to move around in Ischia is to use a public bus. Most of the buses on the island are operated by a bus company named EAVBUS.

There are various bus terminals in Ischia that are near the harbor you can use to move from one part of the city to another. You can buy a bus ticket or pay directly in cash while on the bus. However, the cost will vary depending on where you are going. Using the bus is considered by many as one of the most cost-effective ways to move around the island.

Water taxis
Anther cost-effective way to move around the island is with its water taxis. There are designated locations around the island where you can take a water taxi to visit some of Ischia's most interesting places. In some cases a water taxi trip is cheaper than using a car, especially if you're going on a short trip.

There are a lot of things to see and do in Ischia. All you have to do is be willing to travel from one place to another, socialize, have fun, and your stay will never be boring.

Do you plan to visit Ischia? If you do, which one of the places we mentioned are you most likely to visit?

Island of Ischia from the sea.
Island of Ischia, Italy

Have you ever visited Ischia? We would love to hear about your experience?

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