Enjoyable Things To Do In Roatan If You're On A Cruise

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Roatan is a premier cruise ship, scuba diving and Eco-tourism destination in Honduras, and is the largest of the Bay Islands. Utila, Guanaja and Roatan are the three largest among several islands that make up the Bay Islands.

Perhaps one of the most popular places in Honduras, Roatan has many white sandy beaches, surrounded by coral reefs, making it a diving and snorkeling haven.

You can take part in many other activities, including visiting places of interest like the Marine Reserve, the Butterfly Garden, The Institute of Marine Sciences, Carambola Gardens.

To give you an idea of how popular Roatan is, the Honduras tourism website states that over 110 cruise ships visited Roatan between October 2014 and April 2015, carrying 189,545 passengers. Around 672,713 cruise passengers visited Honduras for the same period.

Roatan Honduras

Why should I bother to visit Roatan, Honduras?
Tourists from all corners of the world crowd to the island because of its beauty and sandy beaches. There is a wide variety of activities that you can undertake in Roatan. Whether it is diving, exploring, or even trying the exotic food and fruits. But what do you know about Roatan?

Roatan experiences a mild climate throughout the year with temperatures that are very favorable for swimming.

The main reason why millions visit the island is because of its amazing underwater features that make deep sea diving a pleasant experience.

This is augmented further by the incredible marine life such as exotic fish which make snorkeling a great adventure as well. There is also a broad range of tropical wildlife to add to the adventure.

I am a visitor, so what do I do in Roatan?
Since Roatan is an island, this means that there are a lot of water based activities. Beside the beautiful beaches, the most popular activity that has put the islands of Roatan, Honduras on the map is scuba diving. Visitors are amazed when they see the vast array of marine life. Tropical fish are plentiful and offer quite the sight.

Aerial view of Roatan Honduras

Another reason why deep sea diving is something that you have to do on your visit to Roatan is because there are shipwrecks and submerged plane parts that offer unique photo opportunities even during the nighttime.

After you have exhausted all your marine activities, there is also a broad range of wildlife thriving in the forests for you to see. You can view monkeys in their natural environment as well as engage yourself in some colorful bird watching. People are also eager to see the famous blue crabs that appear at night to feed.

To get the full Roatan experience you should visit the West End Village, which is the hub of Roatan and is lined with hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops.

Shark in Roatan Honduras

East Roatan is the quieter side of the island. If you want to get away from everything, then this part of the island is the ideal place for you, as there are many stretches of beautiful pristine beaches that you can have to yourself.

West Bay beach is a must visit as well. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Clear, calm waters and white sand are just some of the features which make this beach wonderful. There are also a lot of activities available including para-sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

To top it off you can take a trip to the Roatan Marine Park (RMP) office located in West End and rent snorkel equipment as well as purchase shirts, merchandise, local products and souvenirs to help fund the conservation efforts of the RMP.

I don’t really have a lot of money to spend. What is the cost of things in Roatan?
Despite being a popular tourist location the costs and expenses in Roatan are surprisingly affordable. You do not have to break your bank account when you go on vacation there.

There are ways that you can save as hotels in Roatan have seasonal prices. The peak season is experienced in the period right before Christmas all through August whereas the low season is September all through to the middle of December.

Compared to most of the Caribbean Islands, Roatan is the most affordable place to visit because their shops, restaurants, and leisure activity companies keep their prices as low as possible while still maintaining high levels of quality. This is done in an effort to remain competitive in the tourism industry.

You only have to cough up three dollars for a light breakfast or about six dollars for a full breakfast, 13 to 15 dollars will get you lunch, and about the same will get you dinner. Burgers are around seven dollars, while a cup of coffee or tea is one buck.

The rates for hotels are also very pocket-friendly and comfortable with luxurious rooms going for half the price that other regions set. Average cost for a hotel room is between 60 to 80 dollars, about 90 to 120 for a three star room and around 200 to 300 plus for a four star room. Always remember these are average prices and will change.

Oh BTW! Local brewskis , Port Royal and Salva Vida will cost around two dollars depending on where you purchase them.

Roatan tours

If you're visiting Roatan, you will definitely be interested in these tours.

Roatan Shore Excursion: Zip 'n' Dip Canopy Tour

Roatan Shore Excursion: Zip 'n' Dip Canopy Tour

Roatan is mostly known for two things -- beaches and adventure.

On the famous Zip 'n' Dip Canopy Tour, you can enjoy both of these and make the most of your time in port ...

Roatan Shore Excursion City Tour and Shipwreck Snorkel

Roatan Shore Excursion City Tour and Shipwreck Snorkel

Combine three activities—a city highlights tour, a monkey and sloth encounter, and snorkeling on a shipwreck—on a single tour. You'll travel with a small group of just ...

Roatan Shore Excursion ATV Four Wheeler and Zip Line Adventure and Beach Break

Roatan Shore Excursion ATV Four Wheeler and Zip Line Adventure and Beach Break

Tired of being cooped up on the ship? Make the most of your limited time on dry land with an half-day shore excursion on Roatan. Begin your adventure by zooming ...

There must be some place that I have to visit while in Roatan!
Indeed, there are some sites and locations that you cannot afford to miss while on vacation in Roatan.

One such place is the French Harbor. This is the second largest community on the island in Honduras. The harbor is a booming business center that includes grocery outlets, major offices, real estate agencies, financial institutions, as well as huge malls and shopping centers that will take care of all your shopping needs.

You can also rent a boat at the docks and enjoy a day out on the sea.

What’s the food like there? What can I eat in Roatan?
If you have to try at least one of the native dishes it should be Baleada. It is a thick flour tortilla folded in half and filled with mashed fried beans. Other filling include cheese and scrambled eggs.

Mangoe fruit in Roatan Honduras

You can enjoy some pan fried fish, together with rice or boiled plantains, a wide variety of fruits, including mangoes, bananas, oranges and even coconuts are readily available.

Can I do some shopping in Roatan? What’s the US exchange rate?
Roatan offers tourists a choice of whether to pay using the dollar, or their local currency known as Lempira.

The exchange rate is approximately one dollar for nineteen Lempira. This allows tourist to purchase more items at the numerous shopping malls in French Harbor and at West End where you can find tourist shops to suit all your shopping needs.

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