Cochem, Germany

Interesting Things To Do And See In Cochem Germany
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The traditions and culture in Germany are about as storied and rich as its terrain.

The contrast between Munich's lovely entertainment towns like St. Pauli or Rhine Valley's most-popular wine town, Lindau, is what makes visiting Munich towns so interesting.

These make up part of the diverse German fabric, and with one of the most historic castles in Europe, another strand of Germany is Cochem.

Cochem, Germany. The Cochem Castle is perched on the hill.
Cochem, Germany

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What Can You Tell Me About Cochem?
Cochem was an imperial estate that was quoted in times as early as the Celtic and Roman eras. Pledged by Nassau's King Adolf to the Archbishop of Trier, it remained Electoral-Trier territory until it was granted town rights in 1332 and subsequently town fortifications that stand to this day.

Besieged by a plague then the war, its most famous landmark was burnt down until Louis Ravene bought the town's ruins and began to rebuild the Winneburg in 1866.

A bridge was built across the Mosel after which two fishing villages, Cond and Sehl, joined Cochem. The Skagerrak Bridge towered over various waters that emptied into the Mosel like the Enthetbach, Falzbach and Ebernacher Bach to name just a few.

The Mosel River? Tell Me About It?
The Mosel River is vast and is a left tributary of the famous Rhine. It joins at Koblenz and reaches three countries; France, Germany and Luxembourg. It splits the Eifel and Hunsruck mountain regions with other towns like Bernkastel Kues and Trier found along the river.

In the French regions, the river is industrial support for coal miners and steel manufacturers but it is world famous for the beautiful scenery and excellent wine. It has been made navigable for cargo ships up to 360 feet and also possesses a cycle-way from Metz to Koblenz.

What Do I Do In Cochem?

Cochem is a diverse town that is deserving of more than just a tourist attraction. The seat of Cochem-Zell district may be famous for its picturesque views and wine, but it is also a keen fishing area.

A historically religious town, there are many churches and parishes rivalling the most architecturally expressive productions of the renaissance and romantic periods.

With Barbara Kemp, Carl-Fritz Nicolay and Ernst Heimes, Cochem linked to the town, it has a rich influence in arts and culture with the Cochem Railway Station an important part of architectural history.

Some activities include a visit to the Cochem Castle. Take a 30 minute tour with The Mosel-Wein-Express, it is a great way to see the town. If you are in Cochem in Easter visit the Easter Market. Mid June is Moselle Wine Week and during November to December, visit the Christmas market.

Cochem Castle.
Cochem Castle

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Can I Afford To Buy Things In Cochem?
Cochem is a tourist town so of course, do not be shocked if things are a little costly. The cheapest thing to buy in Cochem is wine of course with pedestrian walks and shops retailing at three to five euros. There are wine tasting tours and even trips which can cost twenty euros with a meal and signature Moselle wine to boot.

The restaurants are also very traditional with meals ranging from ten euros to thirty euros. Labrochette and Lohspeicher are, the more pricey hotels and with international cuisine and gourmet meals, you could part with as much as forty euros.

Rooms and accommodation in Cochem can be from as little as twenty euros. For apartments and luxury settlements for hire, you could pay up to one hundred euros. The Hotel Panorama and Kessler Meyer can cost up to ‚ā¨150 for luxury saunas, restaurants, access to wines and BBQ terraces.


Whether your staying in Cochem or surrounding areas you should definitely check out the tours.

Cochem Sightseeing round-trip Cruise

Cochem Sightseeing round-trip Cruise

During our new one-hour panoramic tour, you can experience the picturesque Moselle landscape around Cochem while relaxing on the water - with explanations of the sights.

Grape Escape Mosel - Personal wine tour

Grape Escape Mosel - Personal wine tour

On the Mosel Tour We will embark on a Grape Escape through 60Km of the "Mittel Mosel" Or if visiting Berg Eltz - the upper Mosel, visiting a mix of VDP (top 200 German wineries) and boutique ...

KD Rhine Pass from Cologne

KD Rhine Pass from Cologne

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Places I Have To Visit In Cochem
The allure of Cochem of course is the Mosel river. The pier is on the boulevard of the town, is a port of call for cruise ships and the view is amazing.

The golf course is also popular with its clubhouse and 18 holes as is its proximity to the Nurburgring. Car racing enthusiasts will enjoy the greens of one of the most iconic racing circuits in the world as the Nurburgring is just about 40 minutes away from Cochem..

Of course the castles, bike trails and tours are of prominence in the region with plenty to see from the Seselbahn and Pinnerkreuz Mountain. This offers the best access to the Schloss Reichsburg and nearby is the Senfmuhle, the historical mustard mill.

View of the Mosel river, Cochem.
View of the Mosel river, Cochem

What Should I Eat In Cochem?
There are many restaurants, bistros, cafes and pubs which offer traditional regional cuisine. The general gist of cuisine in the area is wine based meals with salads and dressings a particular favorite.

You should try the German favourite Sauerbraten. Sauerbraten is a beef pot roast marinated in vinegar, water, spices and seasonings.

The presence of various gourmet meals and restaurants is reflective of its status as a tourist destination. You can get a decent meal for around US eleven to thirty dollars. If you love desserts you should try Bienenstich or Bee sting cake.

Sauerbraten - a regional favourite in Cochem as well as other parts of Germany.
Sauerbraten - a regional favourite in Cochem, Germany

Do They Make Wine In Cochem?
Cochem is world famous for its wine. The Moselle is one of the richest wine production lines with both French and Luxembourg wine products of the valley and its vineyards. Wines from the area include Riesling, Elbling, Muller-Thurgau and many others.

The general wealth of wine is within families and small villages in the area that produced wines matured for different purposes and of different colors as a signature of the diversity and variety first noted by British writer, Roger Pilkington and Brothers' Grimm Seven Swabians.

The Easter period bring with it the Easter market and in Mid-June, the Moselle wine week offers a showcase of over 300 wines. The wine cellars tour and tasting can be year round with September and October the peak months.

Cochem is one of those traditional and historic European towns that are a link to the eras gone while retaining enough dynamism to survive in today's digital age. A trip here fuels the romance of years gone by while inspiring creations of our generation to have as much substance and legacy to be relevant centuries from now.

Vineyard in Cochem.
Vineyard in Cochem, Germany

Check Out These Cochem Hotels:

Villa Tummelchen, Cochem

Villa Tummelchen, Cochem

Some attractions close to Villa Tummelchen include:
Moselle Promenade - 3 minute walk.

Reichsburg Cochem - 4 minute walk.

Cochem Historic Mustard Mill - 10 minute walk.

Hieronimi Winery - 10 minute walk

Osteria Del Vino Cochem

Osteria Del Vino Cochem

Some attractions close to Osteria Del Vino Cochem include:
Moselle Promenade - 6 minute walk.

Cochem Historic Mustard Mill - 7 minute walk.

Hieronimi Winery - 7 minute walk.

Reichsburg Cochem - 11 minute walk.

Hotel Karl Noss, Cochem

Hotel Karl Noss, Cochem

Some attractions close to Hotel Karl Noss, Cochem include:
Moselle Promenade - 3 minute walk.

Cochem Historic Mustard Mill - 6 minute walk.

Hieronimi Winery - 6 minute walk.

Reichsburg Cochem - 8 minute walk.


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