9 of the best selling travel accessories on Amazon Uk

September 13th, 2017, Posted by travelwith2ofus

I am always on Amazon shopping, browsing and comparing. You could say I peruse the site daily looking for travel accessories, gadget, gear and anything else that would make my trips easier or more comfortable.

Recently, while I was on their website, I realized something. I had done a Google search for an item and found it, but when I tried to check it out, I noticed that it was listed on Amazon UK. I normally shop on Amazon US. What I learned was that Amazon UK does not deliver to the US boxes. A no-brainer right?

Anyway, this was not a problem for me, but I learned another fact. After spending the day, searching for travel items on both Amazon US and Amazon UK, I realized how different the top selling travel accessories on both Amazon online stores are.

So, I eventually decided to make a list of the nine best selling travel accessories on Amazon UK for my UK visitors. I must say there are some really cool travel accessories that are trending. So here you go:

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J-pillow, Travel Pillow - Head, Chin & Neck Support

This item has a whopping 4, 179 reviews and was voted British Invention Of The Year 2013.

J-pillow, Travel Pillow - Head, Chin & Neck SupportThe J-pillow is not only great for traveling on airplanes, cars, trains and buses; it can also be used at home on your bed while reading a book or using your tablet , or on your couch while relaxing and reading one of the articles on our website.

Don't worry, it is also machine washable, and you can actually just throw the whole pillow in the washer and you are good to go. BTW it has a four and a half overall star rating with over 3,000 reviewers giving it a five star rating. Interestingly less than 200 people have given it a one star rating.

Eurosonic Travel Adaptor Plug: UK version

We learned our lesson last year on a trip to Martinique and Guadeloupe. I took it for granted that because they are Caribbean islands they would have the same power plug outlets like our home country.

Eurosonic Travel Adaptor Plug: UK versionWhen we arrived we realized that they did not. The plugs were European. Since then I have learned my lesson and bought a couple adaptors.

Anyway, back to the Eurosonic Travel Adaptor. This item has an impressive 2,466 reviews on Amazon UK, with over 1,734 reviewers giving it 5 stars.

The travel adaptor plug is a UK three-pin, with two-pin USA, Canada and Australia adaptor capabilities. It can also work in a host of other European countries. PS: In case you're wondering ... Brits spell adaptors this way.

Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask & Ear Plug Set

On a long flight and need to get some sleep? Are you a light sleeper as well and need quiet while trying to catch some Zzzz…?

Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask and Ear Plug SetWell, according to 1,549 reviewers, the Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask and Ear Plug Set may be the ideal item to help you get some shut eye while providing you with some quiet.

The sleep mask set has 2,258 reviews; with 1,549 people giving it a five star rating. The combo of the eye mask and earplug also come with a carrying pouch, and is contoured to fit your face comfortably.

Besides traveling, it can also be used at home or by shift workers who want to take a quick nap during the night.

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Jasmine Silk Eye Mask

Who doesn't like the feel of soft silk on their skin? Jasmine Silk has taken the eye mask to another level with their … wait for it … 100% silk eye mask.

Apparently, 1,112 five star reviews say that people believe that Jasmine Silk is on to something good here. BTW, forty-one people gave it a one star rating.

You can wash the eye mask, but don't go putting it in your washing machine. Hand-wash the silk please.

It comes with an adjustable strap, is good for travel and home use and comes with a resealable zip pouch as well.

FREETOO Portable Digital Luggage Scale

So, you just stuff items into your suitcase while packing without a care in the world, right? Honestly, do you really need that third pair of black jeans… well, do yuh?

You always seem to forget that airlines will slam you with ridiculous baggage fees if you cross your allowed luggage weight.

Well, maybe the FREETOO Portable Digital Luggage scale can save you from paying those extra baggage fees. Over 1,428 reviewers (who gave it a 5 star rating) on Amazon UK seems to think that it can.

This portable travel scale was reviewed 1,784 times and has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Sixty-six people have given it a one star rating.

Some of the functions include auto on and off, low battery warning, tare function, which displays the net weight of your luggage and back-lit LCD, which allows easy viewing at night.

Duronic Luggage Scale

On the heels of the FREETOO scale is the Duronic Luggage Scale. One thousand and eighteen individuals, with 781 giving it a 5 star rating, reviewed Duronic's scale. Twenty-eight reviewers gave it a one star rating.

The scale has a maximum capacity of 50kgs, but if you don't want your weight displayed using Metrics, don't worry because you can change it to see the weight of your luggage in pounds.

It also comes with the auto on and off feature, low battery indicator as well as weight lock feature, which locks the weight for easy reading.

TP-Link Smart plug HS100

You are on your way to the Caribbean, but you want a little peace of mind while drinking you Black Russian cocktail on the sunny beaches of Barbados. What can you do?

Well, 703 Brits think that the TP-Link Smart plug HS100, can give them that little extra piece of mind. Those 703 reviewers gave the smart plug a 5 star rating, while 61 gave it a one star.

What is it you ask? With the smart plug device you can control your home electronics remotely using either your tablet or smartphone.

You can use the away mode, while you are enjoying your vacation, and have your lights turned on and off at scheduled times, helping you to conserve energy and making it appear as though you are at home.

You can also add voice control to electronic devices by pairing it with Amazon Echo. BTW this works with UK plugs of course.

Travel Buddy 4-Dial TSA Combination Padlock

Six hundred and fifty five people believe that this TSA approved lock will help protect their luggage. Those reviewers gave this item a 5 star rating, while 46 others think it was not what they needed by giving it a one star rating.

The features of the item include, 4-dial combination, TSA accepted, which means TSA screeners have secured codes to access and open the locks and unlimited combination resets.

Do you ever lock you suitcases? Maybe if you travel with valuable equipment like your tablets and cameras you should consider securing them.

The package includes two locks. The default password is 0-0-0-0, but of course it would not be wise to leave it as that.

Trtl Travel Pillow

To round of the list we introduce you to the Trtl travel pillow.

Trtl Travel PillowNine hundred and eleven Amazon UK customers reviewed this product. Six hundred and seventy three gave it a 5 star rating. We say if it makes your travels easier, go get it.

I have never seen a travel pillow like this one before. It's like a wrap. You position it on either side of your neck or under your chin, if you prefer and then fasten it into place.

The Trtl pillow is smaller than the regular travel pillow and much lighter, weighing in at only 148 grams. That's like less than 6 ounces.

It is recommended for individuals sixteen years and older and can be used on long haul flights, train trips and automobiles, especially if you are going on a long road trip.

Which would you get

So, there you have it, nine of the top selling travel accessories on Amazon UK.

Let us know which one of these items you think you would buy for your husband, wife or kids. Remember Christmas is coming and some of these might come in handy as gifts for those frequent travelers in your family.

PS: At the time of writing this article the figures used were those available. However, they will keep changing as more of these listed travel accessories are purchased and reviewed.

Have you bought any of the travel accessories listed in this article? Let us know what you thought about the product.

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