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What is a Babymoon vacation and is it for you?

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Are you thinking about a babymoon? Wondering if it's worth it? For the most part, the experience will be beneficial to you; it's a time when you can relax and enjoy yourself. The babymoon is a vacation that has become a popular thing with couples who are expecting a baby. Wikipedia simply defines it as a holiday taken by those with a child on the way, and several other credible sources echo the definition.

The vacation is thought of as the last time the couple will have time to themselves before the child comes and its all hands on deck. The vacation, which is normally spent in a luxurious destination, is taken in the second trimester. At this time, the morning sickness has subsided and the baby bump is still small. It's the best time because you can still get your beach wear on and enjoy the sun in a dreamy destination of your choice.

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Infants are time-consuming

A babymoon is your last chance for some peace of mind before the baby comes, and that's the reason parents want to grab this opportunity to savor some moments of peace with each other. Once the baby arrives, all that free time is replaced by sleepless nights tending to the baby's every need.

Celebrities have made babymoons a high profile affair, splurging and going to expensive resorts. While that may be the ultimate babymoon, it doesn't mean that normal folks can't have such a time to themselves. It doesn't have to be over the top as long as the vacation is about the couple.

Babymoon vacation is about the couple.

It’s good for the relationship

Doctor Sabitha Pillai-Friedman, who has studied human sexuality, says that the vacation is a time to rekindle love a new. The doctor, a couple's therapist, says the vacation helps the couple deal with the stressful period of transitioning to parenthood. The vacation is a release that allows you to be intimate with your partner; which has long-term benefits on the relationship.


However, not everyone is buying into the idea

Even though some couples consider it a must-have, others have their own doubts about it; what with flying involved, the long journey among other things, you might not be sure if it's the right move.

There are some real cons

The vacation is great and you have a great time, but unfortunately it might not be a viable option for a number of reasons. Couples may opt for a staycation and just stay at home as they wait for the baby. It's also a smart move and sometimes a necessary one, according to your doctor's advice.

Babymoon may be favoured by some, but may not be for others.
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It’s an expensive venture

First off the vacation may be over your budget. Going to a luxury destination costs a lot and most couples would rather save the money for when the baby comes. It makes things easier and gives you the financial comfort to see the early stages of infancy out.

To some couples, the idea of missing out on a babymoon doesn't sit well; however, it is sound financial decision making that should encourage the sacrifice. Any financial expert will tell you that it is better to build on the future before traversing the globe vacationing on money you don't have.

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Complications that make it impossible  

Another reason you might just miss out on a babymoon, even though you are craving one is the doctor's conditions. Sometimes your doctor grounds you way sooner than you expected and, just like that, you have to settle for staying at home. Another reason that has to do with the mother's health involves all the vaccinations she may have to take, which wouldn't be advised.

Sometimes, the morning sickness drags on and the window closes before you have a chance to take the vacation. The idea that you could have an unplanned birth in your hands is also discouraging especially when there have been signs of complications arising earlier on in the pregnancy. The eventuality that such obstacles may arise slices your chances by almost half because there is so much to worry about.

Expectant mother enjoys babymoon vacation.

Expectant mother

Places to go

If you are thinking about going on a babymoon, there are a few things to consider. Even though you have the chance to pick any destination you want, you shouldn't burden yourself with a long trip. Such a vacation, should be somewhere close by where you can always fly back on short notice in case something comes up, and you have to cut the trip short. There are great places to go on vacation where you can have a great time and remain calm with the knowledge that your physician is just a quick phone call away.

babymoons are not fading away any time soon

Taking a vacation before you get to the later months of pregnancy wasn't something that people did a while ago. Nevertheless, the trend has spread very fast and now more and more couples are taking the jaunt. That the outing strengthens the couple's bond is enough of a reason to pack a bag and get on a flight, if you can.

Babymoon vacation trend is spreading fast.
Woman on Babymoon vacation

The bottom line

Before taking a babymoon, the couple needs to know what it takes for them to go. Each couple is unique is their own ways and both parties need to let their concerns be known before making any plans. Sometimes you are both psyched for the trip and can't wait for the day to come, but then the other person doesn't feel like travelling. There shouldn't be any pressure on any party to go if for some reason they cannot.

At other times, couples just don't fancy the whole idea and decide to take a pass on it all. Such couples may find it better to keep a stash away so that they have it easy when the baby comes.

In any case, a babymoon is not such a bad thing. If you can go for it, you probably should. It is uplifting and the time alone is refreshing to say the least. The memories that you stand to make on such a vacation are also an enticing reason why you should kick back and relax for a while.

For mothers to be who have taken a break from their career, a babymoon is more than worth the trouble. Remember, you need to be prepared for it ahead of time. Ponder the options together and come up with a destination that works for both of you. Take all the necessary precautions and always stay in contact with your doctor just in case.

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