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7 Of The Best Chilean Wine Tours For Wine Lovers

January 1st, 2018, Posted by travelwith2ofus

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Chile is known for many amazing things including its amazing landscapes, glaciers, lakes, Easter Islands, Santiago, its capital and Valparaiso, its picturesque port city. It is also known for its delicious wines.

According to Michael Austin in an article (What you need to know about Chilean wine) in the Chicago Tribune “Chile has been ranked between fifth and seventh in worldwide production, mainly due to the gallons of inexpensive wine it ships beyond its borders.”

If you are visiting Chile and you love wine, then it's only natural that you would want to tour some of the wineries to get a first hand look at how Chilean wines are made and to go to a couple wine tastings as well.

Check out seven of the best Chilean wine tours for lovers of wine and those who are just curious about how wine is made. They are also great for those who just want to spend the day outside and enjoy the fresh air and scenery of the breathtaking vineyards of Chile.

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Santiago the capital of Chile.
Santiago, Chile's capital

Maipo Valley Wine Tour: Visit Santa Rita and Concha y Toro Wineries

Maipo Valley is the historic wine-producing region and considered the birthplace of the Chilean wine industry. This tour takes you from your hotel to your first stop, which is at the Santa Rita Winery.

During the scenic drive to the winery you will enjoy the view of the Andes Mountains in the background and also the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding areas.

Your guide will inform you about the history of the winery, from its creation back in the 19th century and will give you a tour of the fermentation cellars and bottling plant.

You will also get to visit the historic Dona Paula Restaurant, which is a national monument with a colorful history as well as sample the three varieties of the signature 120 wine dedicated to its history.

You can also check out the Andean Museum before you head out to Concho y Toro where you will visit the Pirque Vineyards, learn about its cultivation and harvest methods and sample a selection of wines including the well know Casillero del Diablo brand.

Maipo Valley Wine Tour – Full Day With Sommelier Guide

This is a full day wine tour from Santiago and you will be guided by a certified Sommelier. Highlights include visits to two or three wineries where you will indulge in tastings and history lessons on the Chilean wine making process.

The tour starts with pick-up at the designated meeting points. They also pick you up at hotels located in Santiago. Some of the vineyards include Cousiño Macul, Perez Cruz, Odjfell, DeMartino, Concha y Toro, Santa Rita and Aquitania.

Maipo Valley is home to some of Chile's most prestigious wines including its most respected Cabernet Sauvignon. Maipo Valley is also the closest wine region from the Capital city of Santiago.

If you are interested in the wine making process, viticulture and specific grape varietals, this tour might be ideal for you.

Valparaiso and Wine Tour

Valparaiso is one of the most colorful and interesting cities in Chile, so this tour would be ideal for those who want to check out the city, but also do a wine tour.

The tour starts from Santiago and you are taken through the beautiful outskirts of the capital, eventually entering the Casablanca Valley, the home to many of Chile's finest wineries.

While there you will visit the Emiliana Winery, where you learn about the wine making process and also get to sample four of the winery's latest vintages. These will be complemented by local cheese or chocolate.

After touring the Casablanca Valley, you head to Valparaiso to enjoy both Sotomayor and Anibal Porto Square, then take a ride in the Queen Victoria Elevator to enjoy the city's Cerro Alegre and Concepción areas.

The colorful city of Valparaiso, Chile.
Valparaiso, Chile


Biking And Wine Tour To Santa Rita Winery

If you love biking and staying healthy while you're traveling then this tour is one that would probably be of interest to you.

This five-hour bike and wine tasting tour of Maipo Valley starts from Santiago with a 45-minute drive to the Santa Rita winery where you are given a short safety briefing talk. With helmet fastened you then set off to visit the fruitful orchards, sprawling vineyards and other traditional farms of the property.

You will visit the Carmen vineyard and learn about the production methods of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, and then you will get to enjoy a tasting session upon a picturesque hilltop.

Casablanca Valley Wine Tasting Tour

This full day tour includes visit to four wineries located in the Casablanca Valley. Options include Emiliana, Casa del Bosque and Indomita vineyards.

The tour is from Santiago and you will be picked up from your hotel. After arriving at the beautiful Casablanca Valley, you will learn about the production of wine, wine cellars, and plantations. Of course you will get to do wine tastings as well.

The Casablanca Valley is known for its white wines, including its various Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc varieties.

Private Andes Mountains With Wine Tasting Tour

This tour is a must for nature and wine lovers. The tour leaves from Santiago, the capital and heads west where your first stop will be to admire the majestic Andes Mountains and view the Maipo River.

You will also get to see the native flora and fauna, look for condors, which is the largest bird living in the Andes. Their wingspan is said to measure almost 10 feet from wing tip to wing tip.

Later you stop to get a snack and do some wine tasting, and have a cup of tea while relaxing and enjoying the scenery. The seven and half-hour private guided tour is for a small group, catering for not more than four people at a time.

Vineyard with Andes in the background.
Chile vineyard

Cousino Macul and Concha y Toro Wineries Tour

This is a full day tour leaving from Santiago and visiting two of Chile's oldest wineries. You get to visit Cousino Macul and Concha y Toro wineries.

When you arrive at Cousino Macul you get to visit the cellars and learn about the winemaking process. You also learn about the materials used to construct the cellars and the modern processes used to make Merlot. You also get to sample refined wine made from locally grown grapes.

On the second leg of the tour you head over to the 19th century Concha y Toro winery where you learn about the interesting history of the winery. You also get to admire the well-maintained landscaped gardens and observe the colonial architecture of the surrounding buildings. No wine tour is complete without a sampling session, which you most definitely get to do.

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Have you ever visited Chile? Did you go on a wine tour? If you did, how was it?

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