20 photos that will compel you to visit Argentina

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Argentina is such a beautiful country with many natural elements like the Andes mountains, glaciers, lakes, and waterfalls.

A key South American economic giant, Argentina is a massive country with a vibrant culture and colorful history. A country with a variety of things to see and do. Have a look!

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buenos aires

The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, offers endless possibilities from chic Palermo boutiques to the old-fashioned tango bars. It is a destination you will rarely forget.

Buenos Aires

pacific galleries

This shopping center is located at the center of Buenos Aires and offers a perfect place to shop.

Pacific Galleries


The southernmost city in the whole world, Ushuaia is also an entryway to Antarctica in case you want an icy excursion.


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Set in the glacial blue Lago in Argentina and chock full with avid trekkers, Calatafe is a modest town that has grown mainly because of tourist influx.


Argentina has so many dramatic landscapes, so you must be equipped to get tons of photos and videos during your visit. Check these cameras out:

casa rosada

Undoubtedly the most photographed structure in Buenos Aires, Casa Rosada represents the main presence on Plaza de Mayo. It translates to the Pink House and it is the official residence of the Argentine president.

Casa Rosada

san ignacio missions

These mission ruins form the most complete of any Argentinean missions and are especially impressive for the amount of carved ornamentation that is still visible.

San Ignacio Missions

floralis generica

This striking city landmark is found in Buenos Aires is a gift by Eduardo Catalano, an Argentine architect, to the city.

Floralis Generica

peurto Madero

Located in Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero is famous for the fireworks of the New Year.

Peurto Maredo

mausoleo manuel belgrano

Manuel Belgrano is considered one of the greatest heroes in Argentina's history. He was an economist, politician, lawyer and military leader.

Mausoleo Manuel Belgrano

iguazu waterfalls

An excursion to the stunning Iguazu Falls is just about one of the best experiences you can have while visiting Argentina. It boasts more than 250 beautiful waterfalls that connect Argentina and Brazil.

Iguazu Waterfalls

Villa La Angostura

This is an uptown resort located on northwest side of shore of Lago Nahuel Huapi. It offers accommodation as well as other services for Cerro Bayo, which is just a small popular center for winter-sports.

Villa La Angostura

Teatro ColOn

Teatro Colón (Colón Theatre) is described as one of the most amazing Opera houses in the world showcasing opera, ballet and classical music.

Teatro Colon

monte fitz roy

Located in El Chaltén, Monte Fitz Roy is a great place to go for hiking. It is located in the southern Patagonian Ice Field in Patagonia.

Monte Fitz Roy

Salinas Grandes salt flats

This is a large salt flat located in central-northern Argentina and which straddles the borders of four provinces. Covering an area of more than 6,000 square kilometers, the site is an attraction to tourists the world over.

Salinas Grandes salt flats

museum of fine arts

Sculpture at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts). The museum displays 12,000 pieces of works including nineteenth-century European art as well as a collection of Argentine art.

Museum of Fine Arts


Asado is described as the Argentine technique of grilling meats. It is a social event with the result being a generous serving of grilled meats and wine, and maybe a salad. Some say it is barbecue, some say it is Asado.

Barbecue Argentine Style


Gaucho means cowboy, but it is more than just that. It is a way of life in Argentina that has been there for around 300 years. Experience the Argentinean lifestyle and learn more about their cultures.



The vast number of mountains and lakes surrounding the town of Bariloche make the town one of the most stunning areas in Argentina.


Perito Moreno Glacier

This is one of a few glaciers in the world that's still growing. It is located in Los Glaciares National Park.

Perito Moreno Glacier


The Andes Mountain is the longest mountain range in the world. From its north in Venezuela, it passes through Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.


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