9 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets For Him And Her

9 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets For Him And Her

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I totally agree that we should make our loved ones feel special throughout the year. However, I don't think there's nothing wrong in making them feel extra, extra special on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is synonymous with gifts for your soul mate. It is the right time to appreciate your loved one with special gifts. How you present your token matters a lot. For years, gift baskets have been used, especially for romantic purposes such as Valentines and maybe wedding anniversaries. Here are nine gift basket ideas for Valentine's Day.

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Caramel and Chocolate Grand Gift Basket

This is a perfect Valentine's gift for anyone who loves snacks. The brim of the basket contains crisp caramel corns and a separate layer of drizzle chocolate. The gourmet basket is also filled up to the brim with crunchy caramel and chocolate treats. All the contents are supported by the basket that is made of seagrass. This type of material is enough to explain about the quality of the basket. A gift ribbon is added to the basket giving the gift a sense of class and elegance.

▸ Get This Caramel and Chocolate Grand Gift Basket.

Caramel and Chocolate Grand Gift Basket

Brownie Ganache Bakery Collection

Anyone who has a soft spot for baked goods will appreciate this gourmet gift basket. Every inch of it is delicious and appetizing. The package includes an array of treats including walnut and other brownies, chocolate, cheese, chocolate whoopie pies, rugelach, and glazed chocolate bundts. All these come in different flavors such as cinnamon, raspberry, and chocolate chip.

Each treat is given special attention right from the collection of the ingredients to the preservation process. It also features a beautiful outlook that can easily blend with the romantic mood of Valentine's Day. The package is shipped within one week after preservation, and this helps maintain its freshness.

▸ Get This Brownie Ganache Bakery Collection.
Brownie Ganache Bakery Collection

Cheese delight Fruit Basket

If your loved one is concerned about health issues or living a healthy lifestyle, this can be the perfect gift basket for Valentine's Day.

The basket contains two varieties of oranges, apples, mandarins, and pears. It also comes with an extra fruit that is in season. All these are topped up by natural cheese and premium almonds. The basket is well woven and decorated with a green faux linen bow.

▸ Get This Cheese and Nuts Delight Fruit Basket.
Cheese and Nuts Delight Fruit Basket

Valentine's Day Roasted Nuts Gift Basket

This gift basket has six different varieties of savory nuts. They include cashew nuts, honey pecans, smoked almonds, raw walnuts, mixed nuts, and pistachios. The nuts are roasted in small batches to preserve their natural flavor and texture.

▸ Get This Valentine's Day Roasted Nuts Gift Basket.
Valentines Day Roasted Nuts Gift Basket

Barnetts Biscotti Cookies Basket

This is an elegant gift box that houses up to 24 delicious biscotti, which come in eight different flavors. The flavors include caramel chip, craisin,peppermint, cookie crunch, sunflower seeds, nut crunch and almond crunch.

The biscotti is dipped in dark chocolate and topped up with amazing natural treats.

The gift is handcrafted from fresh products, and it doesn't contain any elements of preservatives. It is also Kosher certified, and you can eat it without any sense of guilt.

▸ Get This Barnetts Biscotti Cookies Basket.
 Barnetts Biscotti Cookies Basket

Spa Gift Basket

The sensual effect of a spa can be reflected through this ideal gift for your loved one. It is scented with lavender to give a rejuvenation and calming effect.

The gift basket contains everything that you need to bring the spa experience right in your home. It may even help reignite the passion with you and your loved ones.

▸ Get This Spa Gift Basket.
Spa Gift Basket

The Gourmet Choice Gift Basket

This gift basket is packed with a lot of tasty treats that chocolate and snack lovers will appreciate.

It comes with Godiva milk chocolate truffles, cheddar cheese biscuits, Daniele soppressata salami, garlic herb cheese wedges, sea salt olive oil crackers, Ghirardelli milk chocolate with caramel and chocolate coconut macaroons.

You also get salted Virginia peanuts, milk chocolate hazelnuts, cranberry sesame cookies, vanilla fudge with sea salt, French butter cookies, Lily O'Brien's sticky toffee and items too numerous to list make it easy to share in the fun.

▸ Get The Gourmet Choice Gift Basket.

 The Gourmet Choice Gift Basket

Valentines Day Romantic Deluxe Party Tower Gift Basket

This package comes with a lot of baked treats that can satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

It comes with two red and white heart cookies, two pink and white cookies, two sprinkle cookies, two Linzer heart cookies, two chocolate whoopie pies and one lemon whoopie pie.

It also has one red velvet whoopie pie, one chocolate lava mini bunt, one red velvet mini bunt, four mini pink and white cookies, four chocolate chip cookies among others.

▸ Get This Valentines Day Romantic Deluxe Party Tower Gift Basket.

Valentines Day Romantic Deluxe Party Tower Gift Basket

Godiva Chocolatier Valentine's Day Gift Box

The golden color of the gift box accompanied by a red ribbon is enough to set the mood for the Valentines. On opening the box, your eyes will be delighted by the beautiful sight of 36 dark, yummy, white and milk chocolates. If you know the magical effect of the Belgian chocolate, go for this gift for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

▸ Get This Godiva Chocolatier Valentine's Day Gift Box.

Godiva Chocolatier Valentine's Day Gift Box

What else do you need? Grab any of the gift baskets above and set the right mood for Valentine's Day!

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