This Is The Cute Sandals Women Travelers Are Crazy Over

This Is The Cute Sandals Women Travelers Are Crazy Over

Updated December 22nd, 2020 | Originally: March 31st, 2018, Posted by travelwith2ofus

A couple of weeks ago we featured several flip flops and sandals that we thought women travelers would like. After fifteen days we have a clear winner. Ladies you have spoken. You guys can't seem to get enough of the Plaka line of sandals.

The sandals comes in five (sixth is on its way) different styles and many beautiful colors. The collections which are currently available are Palm leaf, Seashell, Oceanside, Sahara and Yoga.

A new collection named Comfort will be launched in the coming weeks according to the folk at Plaka via a chat I had with them on March 29th. The Comfort collection will start with six different colors, which are black, sunset sangria, sweet ivory, yellow, turquoise gray and blue. Remember you read it here first.

Who is Plaka Sandals and what is their story? They are a company based in the US started by Einat & Sagi, who while on a visit to Greece, Plaka a small town on Crete Island to be exact, encountered similar sandals. Having bought a pair and falling in love with them, they decided to create their own brand called Plaka Sandals and the rest as they say is history.

According to Plaka, each pair of sandals is handmade using "high-quality rubber and stretch to fit ropes." The sandals comes in a bag, which is made of 100% cotton that you can re-use when you're traveling, going to the gym or whenever you're on the move. This is great, especially if you care about saving our beautiful planet.

The designs and the colors are among the elements that make these sandals so attractive. But, enough about that, just have a look at the five collections (sneak peek of the sixth collection included) and see if you love any of them.

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Plaka Palm Leaf Collection

The Palm Leaf collection has over ten different collors including sunset sangria, sand yellow, turquoise red off white, red, saphire blue and orange gray.
Palm Leaf Collection - Plaka Sandals<

Plaka Seashell Collection

The Plaka Seashell collection comes in twelve different colors, which are sweet ivory, turquoise gray classic black, urban gray, turquoise red off white, red, saphire blue, turquoise zebra, sand yellow, orange gray, sunset sangria and black zebra.
Seashell Collection - Plaka Sandals Shop I WANT IT

Plaka Oceanside Collection

Oceanside sandals are available in six different colors, which are black zebra, cornflower, tawny, turquoise gray, turquoise red off white and turquoise taupe white. Sizes available for Plaka collections range from 5 B(M) US to 11 B(M) US. It is advisable that you check out the size chart to get the right fit for you.

Oceanside Collection - Plaka Sandals


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Plaka Sahara Collection

There are nine colors available in the Sahara sandals collections. These are orange, red, urban gray, sand yellow, saphire blue, sunset sangria, turquoise, sweet ivory and taupe. The Sahara collection features a gladiator type design, and like the other sandal collections they are water-resistant.

Sahara Collection - Plaka Sandals


Plaka Yoga Collection

The Yoga collection is available in four different colors which are sage green, saphire blue, sunset sangria and taupe. Sizes available for this collection range from 6 B(M) US to 11 B(M) US. Please refer to the size chart before you get your sandals. It features yoga mat foot-beds and slightly adjusted ropes.

Yoga Collection - Plaka Sandals


Plaka Comfort Collection (Sneak Peek)

This is a sneak peek of the new Comfort collection from Plaka Sandals, which will be available in the coming weeks. Check back for the exact date when they will be available.

Plaka Comfort Collection


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